Kyle Constable

A senior at the University of Connecticut, double majoring in journalism and communication. Spent one year as the Director of Forensics at Lee County High School in Leesburg, Georgia while studying English Education at Georgia Southwestern State University.


I have been talking far too much for far too many years. I was a member of my high school's speech and debate team, winning the Georgia High School Association Boys Extemporaneous Speaking State Championship three consecutive years. I competed in eight national tournaments over a four year span and was ranked on the national circuit for most of my senior year.


I singlehandedly wrote, designed and published a weekly school newspaper in fifth grade. I have been known to write a little prose and a little poetry from time to time. I write for UConn's daily student newspaper, The Daily Campus, where I have covered everything from breaking news and crime to sports and culture. I have also maintained many issue-orientated blogs over the years.


I pride myself in the amount of time I spend looking at the stars. I believe just as there is a time for action, there is also a time for significant reflection and introspection. To that end, I frequently find myself in search of discussion, debate and deliberation on the major issues of our day. I served as editor-in-chief at a short-lived project called Jabberwockracy, which hoped to foster that discussion. I believe anything is possible with the right friends.


I've been working for a while now, huh? My journalism résumé is available here and my political résumé is available here. Although my political résumé depicts a primarily Republican background, I no longer affiliate with a political party or ideology. I'm strictly non-partisan.

Current Projects.

If every day is not spent in pursuit of our passions, then for what are we living? Presently, I am the editor-in-chief at Softball in Storrs, a less-than-consistent blog covering UConn's softball program. Additionally, you can find me venting most of my sports-related frustrations on Twitter as the Weeping Mets Fan (profanity warning).

You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.