Kyle Constable

A sophomore at UConn, majoring in communication and journalism.


I have been talking far too much for far too many years. I was a member of my high school's speech and debate team, winning the Georgia High School Association Boys Extemporaneous Speaking State Championship three consecutive years. I competed in eight national tournaments over a four year span and was ranked on the national circuit for most of my senior year.


I singlehandedly wrote, designed and published a weekly school newspaper in fifth grade. I have been known to write a little prose and a little poetry from time to time. I write, edit and design for UConn's daily student newspaper, The Daily Campus. I also maintain a blog covering UConn softball, called Softball In Storrs.


I pride myself in the amount of time I spend looking at the stars. I am the editor-in-chief at Jabberwockracy, website dedicated to bringing new ideas to the table. I want to change the world and refuse to settle for anything less. Yet, I believe just as there is a time for action, there is also a time for pensive reflection. I believe anything is possible with the right friends.

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